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Learn how to free yourself of clutter. Clear your mind, home and calendar of the unessential and start living the life you crave. Be healthier and enjoy wonderful relationships. Jump gently into simplicity or take your decluttering up a notch with Leo Babauta and Courtney Carver.

4 week clutter free course (with 12 extra weeks to implement material and participate in the forum)

In these four weeks, you’ll enjoy a self study course by Courtney Carver & Leo Babauta to uncover your clutter and get rid of it for good including:

  • Weekly modules that include articles, instructive PDFs, video & audio presentations and interviews and homework assignments
  • Audio interviews with experts
  • Weekly recorded video webinars

In the course, we’ll focus on four areas:

  1. Clutter-free Emotion: Examining why we hold onto stuff, how to let go, how to figure out what’s important in your life, dealing with the emotions of shopping and gifts and keeping up with the Joneses.
  2. Clutter-free Action: How to get started decluttering, how to tackle your closets, kitchen, workspace and more; how to deal with kids’ stuff; how to give your stuff away; and more.
  3. Staying Clutter-Free: How to enjoy the space and not feel compelled to fill it up; Recognizing enough; Maintaining your clutter-free status; Gift giving and receiving; and an important question: If you had less and wanted less, could you work less and make less?
  4. Clutter-Free Time: Obligations; To-Do Lists; Focus; UnProcrastination; and Morning Routines

Detailed Course Contents

Week 1: Clutter-free Emotion

Articles & Homework

  • How to Take the Clutterfree Course
  • You Don’t Have to Change (yet)
  • Why Do You Have So Much Stuff?
  • Dealing with the Sentimental Stuff
  • What You Give Up for Stuff
  • Stop Comparing Your Life by guest author Joshua Becker

Audio interview

  • Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus from The Minimalists


  • Getting Good at Letting Go by Leo Babauta
  • Week 1 Webinar Recording – with Leo Babauta

Week 2: Clutter-free Action

Articles & Homework

  • How to Get Started
  • How to Get Rid of Your Stuff
  • Decluttering Strategies
  • How to Bust Clutter by Guest Author Tammy Strobel
  • Create a Minimalist Sanctuary
  • Digital Decluttering
  • Dealing with Paper

Audio Interview

  • Rachel Jonat from The Minimalist Mom


  • Be Kind : Video Pep Talk by Courtney Carver
  • Start with the Closet: Video Lesson by Courtney Carver
  • Week 2 Webinar Recording with Courtney Carver

Week 3: Staying Clutter-free

Articles & Homework

  • Shopping Fast
  • One In, One Out
  • Talking to Friends & Family
  • Regular Decluttering Sessions
  • How to Set Up a Minimalist Kitchen Part 1 (Things to Avoid) by Guest Author Jules Clancy
  • How to Set Up a Minimalist Kitchen Part 2 by Guest Author Jules Clancy
  • Clutterfree Habits

Audio Interview

  • Warren & Betsy Talbot from Married with Luggage


  • The Why by Courtney Carver
  • Week 3 Webinar recording with Leo Babauta

Week 4: Clutter-free Time

Articles & Homework

  • What to Do with Your To-Do List
  • How to Create a Morning Routine
  • Focus
  • Simplifying and Doing Less
  • The Myth of Time Management by Guest Author Jonathan Mead
  • Make Time

Audio Interview

  • Tammy Strobel from Rowdy Kittens about Digital Sabbaticals


  • Learn to Declutter Your Commitments by Leo Babauta.
  • Week 4 Webinar recording with Courtney Carver.


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